Kiss, then look away

One of my favorite things to do after kissing a girl for the first time is to go right back into what I was saying or doing directly after the kiss. If I’m talking about music with my arm around her, I’ll go right back into that subject. If I’m watching a dvd, I’ll just go right back to watching. I’ve been noticing myself doing this both with girls I’m seeing on the regular, and on new dates.

This easy technique can be used with any type of escalation as a way to take “steps back” after taking a couple forward. So, I might go from making out and feeling up her back over her shirt, to feeling her tits inside her bra, then go back to making out and just feeling her back. You could follow with a different (smaller) escalation from there and go back to that later, etc.

This is just one way to do assymetrical escalation — the idea is to keep her guessing, wondering what the next move will be and if it will continue to be so exciting and unpredictable. Try it and comment here on what effect it has.


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