Falling in Love

So I met one of my rotation girls about a year ago on a dating site. She’s the girl from my “IM Game” blog post. She left for a couple months when I wouldn’t go exclusive with her, then came back for a few months.

A couple weeks ago we hung out and made dinner. She was acting unusually calm during the date — usually she’s a bit nervous around me. After she was dropping me off, she told me she was “done.” I asked her why, and it turned out she fell in love with me and couldn’t stand to be with me knowing that we weren’t exclusive boyfriend girlfriend — without pressuring me at all, since she correctly surmised it wasn’t an option for me. I could see she was in pain.

Now I could easily have tried to use some technique or other to get her to stick around. But it is never my intention to hurt someone intentionally. So, I calmly told her good luck and I really enjoyed our time together, and that I understood her decision. There was no way I was going to be in an exclusive relationship with her (if I ever will again), so it was the right decision. I’ve got plenty of girls and new opportunities constantly present themselves.

I’ll probably think twice if she calls back again. Even though her emotions are her responsibility, it might be pretty depressing hanging out with this chick that is in all sorts of pain because of her infatuation. In fact, I might be down for putting her in my friend zone if the chemistry settles down enough. It usually doesn’t work out that way, but I also haven’t ruled it out as a narrow possibility. Then again, people change, so I don’t want to categorically say whether I would date her again or not.

The great thing is, I’ve got choice. I have abundance in life, and am not operating from a place of scarcity like she seems to be. I see the classic female conundrum over and over. A beautiful woman wants to be in an exclusive relatioinship, but can’t find a guy that she is attracted to, so she either ends up in a boring, safe relationship with a classic “nice guy” (non-dominant guy that can’t get her blood pumping) or gets with a player who meets her need for excitement and sexual pleasure but won’t fall for her.

I’d rather be in the second category any day.


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