LR: Repeat after me

Last night I was coaching a 1-on-1 with a 30-30 student (AcquiredTaste for those of you on the 30-30 forum). He did great. Got out of his comfort zone, tried some new things, and got some better results.

Around 1am we ended up in a crowded dance bar in Hollywood. As we are pushing through the dense crowd toward the back, a short, cute girl heads toward me with a beer in her hand, also pushing through the crowd.

Me: Drink up! [eye contact]
Her: You drink up!
Me: Now you’re trying to get me drunk? [kino arm]
Her: You’re trying to get me drunk!
Me: Oh no. You’re trouble. [sexual EC, pulling her in from waist]
Her: You’re trouble!
Me: [grab back of neck and speak into ear] Listen little girl. You have no idea what you’re getting yourself into.

beer breasts

Heavy EC, she gives me “the look” for about 1 second, then she comes in for the makeout. She’s a good kisser. I feel up her big tits a little. We make out for a few seconds. I stop it first. I ask her who she’s there with. She is avoiding. I can tell her logistics must be bad. She tells me she has to leave now. I’m thinking maybe I can find a place in the back of the bar to escalate her instead.

Even though she said she has to go, I pull her by the hand to the back of the bar. She is gripping tight. I pull her (AcquiredTaste in tow) to the back of the bar, more makeout. This is about 90 seconds after “drink up.” I attempt to take a tit out to suck on it, but she doesn’t allow. But it seems that her guy friends were just walking by us at that moment. She asks me to hide her. I open my jacket and she ducks in. Not sure if it’s working but it’s fun. I ask her name and tell her I’ll protect her. We make out a little more, then she says “he’s waiting” and she has to go. I tell her we will hang out in an hour (when I’m done coaching). The interaction lasted about 6 minutes.

Afterwards AcquiredTaste told me a girl whose number I got about an hour earlier was watching the entire approach makeout from ten feet away. I had noticed her when we walked in, but couldn’t see her above the crowd during this approach. I’ll probably text that other girl soon.

I go back to coaching AcquireTaste until we wrap up a little after 2am. I call the makeout girl around 2:15. She picks up. I hear dudes’ voices in the background. She is drunker. I try to get logistics but she is too distracted. The line disconnects. I chalk it up to another crazy night on the town. No worries.

I drop by a friend’s and start watching a movie. We’re chilling when around 3:15am I get a text from her: “Where r u?”

For me, that translates to “I am ready to fuck NOW.” We text back and forth a bit. She won’t text her address, so I call her. I am really chill and laid back. She is compliant. She tells me how to get to her place & hints she wants more alcohol. I get some vodka from my place. I get there and she’s not too drunk at all. This makes me happy. And horny.

She has a cute cat. I pet it. I pour a couple drinks. We get about 3 sips in. No LMR (as usual). I dug the way she screamed and moaned.


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