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Lots of students ask me about phone game. The most important thing is to pick up the phone and do it.

These days I mostly call girls as the first contact after getting her number. Texting is only to get a little back and forth going after we’ve spoken on the phone. Avoid being a “text friend” (friend zone where you never meet again in person).

Here are my rules for phone calls:

  • never leave voicemail
  • 6-12 minute call
  • Right away, get her out of whatever mood she was in, and into my world
  • Flirt
  • Go for soft meet close and see if she picks up the hint. If not, chat and flirt some more then try for the meetup close more directly.

Here are my rules for texts, followed by examples:

  • initial text very short — 2-3 words is perfect – “hey wizard girl” (this girl liked Dungeons & Dragons cartoon)
  • if possible keep my texts a little shorter than hers (word length) she: “i had a good time but there was this guy that kept following me im glad rachel was there to protect me!” me: “you can come be my rachel and fight off creepy girls for me 2nite”
  • dont go for meet close over text if u can get her on the phone – “gotta run. call u bout 8”
  • mirror interest level and/or vibe. a lot of my text exchanges build comfort because of this – she: “can’t wait to see you!!” me: “we’re gonna have sooooo much fun”
  • flirt if she responds to playful tone – she: “haha you are crazy boy :D” me: “were gonna get crazy 2gether”
  • use direct commands – “be @ the fountain at the grove at 3:17pm. dress sexy & skimpy, but bring a jacket & heels.”

Texts offer a lot of leeway for misunderstanding. Use that to your advantage by texting things with double meaning then tease her when she doesn’t get it, etc. But watch out when setting up logistics over text, as this can bite you in the ass too. Be super clear when it comes to logistics.


1 Response to “Phone Game”

  1. 1 laphil March 23, 2011 at 9:31 am

    keep in mind that communication paradigms shift VERY fast in our technologically-obsessed culture. my phone game has already shifted a bit since last Summer. stay flexible! there are no rules written in stone in this game.

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