Pros and Cons of Festival Game

I just got back from Coachella, which is a big music festival in the desert. LA is the biggest major city near it, so a lot of Angelenos go every year.

You may have gathered from my alias name that I am into music. So naturally, the main reason I went was to check out a bunch of cutting-edge bands. I didn’t realize just what I was getting myself into.

I heard some great music and had an amazing time. I had a great time hanging with new and old friends. But that’s not all.

This year, Coachella sold out, so there were over 75,000 people there. It was packed. I estimate half were girls and the average age to be 20. Lots of high school kids on drugs. There were a lot of scantily-clad beautiful girls. Literally, thousands. That was a pretty interesting experience. Definitely takes the urgency out of approaching.

My wing Ukie and I discussed how bad the logistics are there.

  • There are multiple stages with constant music, so people are often hurrying from one to the next trying to catch the bands they spent all their money and time to go hear. Then when you get there, girls are fascinated by the bands. (Basically, bands cockblock you because there’s like no way for you to be as cool as the rockstars on stage.)
  • I assume for the people camping next to the festival it must be a little better, but we were staying in a house 15 miles away. People are all over the place, so pulling to a house can be tough outside your social circle.
  • A lot of the girls are under the statutory age in California (18).
  • Many girls are in a large group chock-full of cockblocks.
  • The festival is not only crowded but very well organized so there are no out of the way corners or nooks. Isolation is virtually impossible.

So I really had no intention of approaching. Really. It just sorta happened.

I was going to get a snack, as I didn’t really need to see any bands for an hour or so. I saw a young cute girl sitting alone in the food area. Lone wolves are not common at these festivals. I went and got my snack and sat down next to her with the classic “sorry I’m late.” I gave her no eye contact, playing up the “we already know each other” vibe. She was pretty unresponsive. I just plowed, saying whatever came into my head, not really asking her questions about herself, more making comments on the shows I saw and the crazy people all around us.

I treated her like a girl who already had a crush on me and I wasn’t sure if I was annoyed by her or a little into it. She gave lots of direct IODs (indicators of disinterest) like turning her body away a little, saying things like “I’m not interested in you that way” and “Don’t touch me like that” I know better than to listen to that nonsense. If she’s still sitting there, she’s interested on some level. In fact, I was touching much more conservatively than I normally do because of all her IODs. (See the other set below to compare.)

When she said these things, I would immediately mirror her disinterest by turning even farther away from her, looking out at the crowd, and maybe saying a tease back like “you’re just saying that because you’re into me” or “ur such a brat” with very flirty tonality.

Finally after like 4 or 5 of these exchanges (with some more normal fluff talk between, during which time we made EC and I noticed how hot and young she was) she couldn’t contain herself anymore. She asked me 3 questions about me all in a row. It was as if the intrigue and attraction were steadily building and she was trying to suppress it but then it overflowed. Naturally I called her on it.

Her: Wait, where are you from? Who did you come with? What, um what is it you do anyways?
Me: Ha, that’s so cute, you are so into me, I don’t even know which of your questions to answer.

Here, I made some very accurate cold reads, making sure to include some female truisms to bolster my actual cold reads. It’s not hard to make cold reads when you’ve done a lot of approaches. I can tell a lot about a chick after interacting with her for 15 minutes. It’s not that hard really. Things like “you don’t let a lot of people in to your inner life — you have a secret world that maybe only your best gay friend or girlfriend knows about. you’re actually pretty kinky deep inside. your secret is safe with me.”

From there we started building a little rapport. She is 20 years old. Then I moved her 20 feet into the shade. I got her logistics — she was camping and came with new friends she didn’t know that well yet. Bingo. (If I had been camping it would have been better but still not great, because she had to meet her friends later, etc.) I was kinoing a lot, and she was still expressing verbal resistance to it, but not physical — that was key and one big reason I hung in there and didn’t eject and find another girl. If a girl is resisting kino consistently, she has a sexual hangup or some other barrier to sex.

Then I had to take a raging piss, so we went to the outdoor toilet booths. This had the effect of a soft takeaway, as when I got back she was kinda dancing to the music next door. I started dancing with her, and immediately her hands were all over my body and mine hers. I took her to the music tent nearby, and we were dancing sexy. It was like she got all her resistance done with in the beginning of the interaction. I passed all her tests and she was just 100% into it.

For a couple of hours it was like being at Coachella with a girlfriend. We ground each other, made out, stared deeply into each others’ eyes, and experienced some shows together. Call me a romantic, but that was my favorite part of the experience. I did have a couple hiccups when she said things like “you’re a player, why do I always fall for players?” (Uh, duh, because you give so much resistance and only players have enough game to persist) and “I bet you do this with girls all the time.. you’re a charmer” … basically I made sure to give her a couple small SOIs (statements of interest) like “you have hidden soulful depths in your beautiful green eyes” — true btw.

But I wasn’t gonna just leave it there. Keeping my eyes peeled on the way to her campspot (where I could not enter), I lucked out and found a little storage area by the exits that was abandoned and fenced off. Pulled her back there and fingered her and sucked on her tits while she moaned and twitched and the crowds filed past like five feet behind me but on the other side of an opaque fence. Good times.

Next day we were supposed to meet, but either she flaked or saw me with this other girl and bailed — she seemed like the jealous type, really. No prob, we have been texting since and she is traveling around, will probably stop by LA to see me. Here’s how the other interaction went down.

I was in the same concession area the next day just chilling among the grass and mashed fries. There is a couple sitting next to me, resting too. The dude opens me saying he likes my hat and we chat. He’s drunk, laid back and very friendly. His girl is friendly too. We introduce. Turns out they are from LA too. Then their hot friend joins us.

They introduce her to me, and I just shake her hand and say my name with a warm smile. We continue chatting for about 3 minutes, and as soon as I have an opportunity, I begin to roleplay with the new girl.

Me: Wow, the crowds are really young this year. How old are you guys?
Girl1: 25
Me: Yeah, these kids are like 15, chomping down E all day long. Would you let your kids go to this without supervision?
Girl1: No I don’t think so!
Me (kinoing leg of HotGirl): That’s why HotGirl and I make sure our kids know all the risks of coming to events like this. In fact, I just have her debrief the kids about it. If anything really goes wrong, I step in and sort it out.
HotGirl: Yeah! I will take care of it honey. You’re such a great dad.
Me: You’re the best wife ever. In fact, I think we should make another baby…

I moved toward her and she just laid down under me, and I began dryhumping her for about 10 seconds. 5 minutes after I met her. She LOVED it. I cut it short to keep sexual tension high. From there I just watched to see when her friends weren’t looking, and escalated her by kinoing her ass and thighs, and hair. Then I made out with her, making sure to stop first. She was giving IOIs like “Oh my god you’re so good.” “I so needed that.” “I’m so glad I met you, I was like how does a girl get some action around here.”

She had her HOT legs up and I told her to put one down and stared at her ass saying that it would be hot to film that. Then she got out her video camera and started interviewing the dude. they were all lying on their backs, so I just started rubbing her thighs and pussy during her interview.

I remember the 3rd makeout she cut off. So I just turned the other way and stared up at the clouds and said dreamily, half to myself, “Wow the clouds are amazing today . . .” She laughed in delight because she knew I was mirroring her disinterest and loved it. I kino’d her ass and pussy for a few minutes more then they went off to a show. I #closed her and got a text the day she got back from Coachella. Definitely going to follow up with her.

All in all, I really put NO effort into game and got some good results at Coachella this year. That made me have an even better time, and since I went for the music, I made sure not to miss any bands I really wanted to see. Gotta keep those values in line. What a great experience.


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