Lay Report: 5-minute #close

This is a good one to prove that quick number closes can yield just as much as longer interactions.

Got back to my boutique non-casino hotel in Vegas after teaching on Friday night on the strip. I wasn’t feeling too tired but knew that I ought to get some shuteye so I could be alert for the rest of the coaching weekend. So I had the intention to go straight up to my room and read my crazy Russian author novel and crash.

Strolled into the dark lobby and I hear some siiiiick music bumping fortissimo from the lounge. Later I found out the DJ was actually an old friend of mine from LA, no idea he was gonna be there at all. I want to get in there and dance my energy off before crashing, but there is a hot short latina in my path. God I love short girls. She is considering a bronze statue. Low-impact situational opener about how she’s checking out the statue. My state is on fire from coaching.

She opens right up like a flower. She has some cool ink on her arms of flowers too.

Me: [grabbing arms] ok now place your arms up like the statue girl.
Her: [complying] lol
Me: ok now spin [spin her around by hand]
Her: haha where did you come from?

She was showing 100% compliance so I went way soft game. My hard game is so intense it will peel paint off the wall but I only break it out when the girl is giving tests and into banter. This girl loved me and was kinoing me and asking all sorts of questions 15 seconds in. So of course I was nice and sweet, with tons of warm kino, arm around shoulders right away, midriff, hands, hair.

I think I ran one short canned routine, GlennP’s cat hair. I just love that routine and ran it to entertain myself, even though it wasn’t necessary at all. Natural flow. We investigated each others’ jewelry and talked a bit about stuff we are up to in our lives. In fact considering we talked for no more than 5 minutes, we covered a lot of ground. I mirrored her interest in me, asking slightly less about her though.

About 4 minutes in, I got her logistics: she rode with friends and they were literally waiting for the valet. The logistics were basically impossible, certainly harder than I’m gonna work to lay another girl. Crap, I thought, my phone died and is up in my hotel room. Immediately I tell her to text me, then her friend comes and grabs her as their car is ready. We hug and head in opposite directions.

Get up to hotel room, and my phone miraculously has self-healed. Here is the text game I used. You’ll notice it has absolutely nothing fancy in it, no flirting, but it does have warm, friendly vibe, and strong leading. Like I said, I NEVER use hard game when the girl is way compliant and attracted. Also note the timing. Starts Friday nite (sat morning).

2:57a She: This is HbLatina we just met in the lobby!! xo
3:03a Me: Omg my phone is working again!
3:04a She: Yay!!
3:05a Me: Sunday nite let’s chill post wknd style
3:06a She: Sounds good

[no texts at all Saturday. next text is Sunday afternoon.]

3:06p Me: Hey statue girl
3:07p She: Heyyy
3:14p Me: I’m recovering now and will be ready to rock it around 9!
[actually I was taking a break from coaching]
3:15p She: haha jesus i had a chill nite, no craziness…what did u wanna do
3:18p Me: There’s this lounge where locals hang out I love… xxxxxxx

From there it was just figuring out her car was in the shop and I had to drive 20 minutes to pick her up, no biggie. Got there right on time at 9:30. 9:30 is a little late to start a date for me — I like to give myself temporal leeway if at all possible — so I didn’t want to extend things even more by being late.

I pick her up, she is down to earth. I put my hand on her leg, and she puts her hand on top of mine as if to keep it there. That is a huge IOI. So far this chick is showing 100% compliance. We set off in my rental car. I ask her what her passion is. She says poetry, and we’re off to the races. (I’m very artsy-fartsy.) Turns out she just got out of the military she was in for six years. She’s 30 but looks 22, works out every day. I am touching her legs in the drive back to downtown Vegas – freshly shaven and firm. I like. She has some really cool unique tattoos. We talk about them, more kino.

We get to the bar/restaurant place. She doesn’t know what to order so I recommend a drink. The waiter comes and I order for her and me together. A few minutes later I go for the kiss, get the cheek turn. My response to that as usual is to lean back and be distracted by something in the opposite direction of her.

She starts the convo up again. At some point she says something and I look her in the eye. We hold eye contact for a few seconds.

HBLatina: You can’t try that stare on me. You’re trying to seduce me. I promised myself I wouldn’t let that happen tonight. I know all your tricks.

I just smiled mischievously. After all, I know that if she’s thinking that much about resisting, she must be really horny. The thought of her resisting gave me an idea.

Me: Yeah, whatever you do, don’t let me seduce you. [now talking softly into her ear] You must resist that feeling of being turned on. Reach deeeeeep down in yourself and resist those incredible feelings of arousal you feel when I look at you.

Meanwhile, I’m Mr. Positive. I turn every subject into something really cool and positive. She is on the same wavelength. I say something cocky and she says with only a slight hint of sarcasm (which I ignore) “You’re not arrogant, you’re just real, doing your thing.” I respond “I love you!” and kiss her on the lips.

During the meal I’m touching her a lot, legs, lower back, hair. We’re waiting for the check. She stands up to take a pic of the painting behind us. I start touching her thighs beneath her short dress. So nice. My hands move to her ass. She doesn’t say anything. I brush my hands over her pussy, I rub her pussy, squeeze her ass, go back and forth. She delays the photo taking process so she can enjoy my attentions I can tell.

I paid, telling her she would get the next round. I didn’t really know where to go after that since it’s not my home town after all. I decide we’re gonna check out these fountains she mentioned, because I am curious about it. We set off then she says she wants to get a drink at a convenience store … quickly follows it up with “like a red bull.” Yeah right.

She picks up a 6 pack. As if I didn’t know it was in the bag before, it’s a virtual certainty now. She is gettin through the beers as we tool down the Strip. Suddenly we’re in extreme traffic which is weird on this off night. Turns out there’s construction way down there. We are trapped in the car until we can turn off.

Me: Let’s play a game. It’s called “Are you nervous?” [put my hand on her knee] Are you nervous?
HBLatina: no.

I move my hand a little farther up her leg, ask again. Nope. Again, nope. Now she laughs and says she’s not gonna get nervous. But her legs are closed and her hand is blocking her pussy. I get as far as I can, then switch to her big tits. Not nervous. I put my hand kind of awkwardly inside her bra and squeeze her nipple slightly. Not nervous. Well, I guess she won that game. Hehe.

I turn off and decide I’m going back to the hotel. She suggests a local hang (that sounds pretty cool! Most places where locals go are good in Vegas) and I say I have something else in mind. On the way, she looks up and says “biggest sex shop in Vegas” .. um WHAT? I immediately 180 and we go in. We look at the toys. She is a little embarrassed and excited. Perfect. I am totally cool and calm. In fact, I’m super down to earth and talk matter-of-factly about the benefits and drawbacks of each.

I give her a little demonstration of my knowledge by showing her some spots in her vagina using her hand in a fist to demonstrate. I tell her I’m a sex nerd and she says “that’s so cool.”

I try on a shirt and she comes in the room. I am escalating in there, kissing her neck, kneading her big tits and ass, and rubbing her pussy over her panties, and she starts taking pictures of us making out and shit. That was hot! The shirt was really funny but it didn’t fit, cuz it was for girls. It said “Tell your boyfriend to stop sending me texts.”

We bail and get to the hotel. She says “oh, I wanted to come here tonight anyways” … uh, yeah…

There wasn’t any LMR at all. She wasn’t very good in the sack though. She just kind of laid there. Later she told me it was because she had smoked weed earlier and the drinks combined and made her feel really out of it. Ah well. I had a great time hanging with her otherwise, and later I spooged a huge load all over her killer tattoos. That was a moment to remember!

This was one of those cases where the girl was into it from the start with very high compliance. In these cases I don’t tease or anything. I’m just really sweet and sexual. That made for a relaxing evening!


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